Tips And Tricks For Vacation Packing By Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh Of Travel To Go

Travel To Go offers  tips on travel and vacation planning. Find new ways to save money on vacations with tips on travel from Travel To Go, vacationers’ partner in travel. Remember, Travel To Go is here to assist with destinations.

Travel To Go reviews great vacation destinations, ways to save money on vacation, travel tips and tricks, travel scams to avoid and more.  Travel To Go and Jeanette Bunn are committed to bringing information to assist in planning  vacations this year.  As part of Tommy Middaugh Travel To Go’s ongoing commitment to the industry, Travel To Go destinations and offers all kinds of travel advice.  Part of planning for a vacation is knowing what and how to pack. Most travelers have had at least one trip where they realize to late that they forgot to pack something, or perhaps realized later, they had packed too much. Now spend some time with Travel To Go as they review some of the top packing tips and tricks. Be a prepared traveler and learn great tips with travel reviews from Travel To Go.   Travel To Go – A Review Of How To Pack Your Checked Luggage   If travelers must check luggage, there are certainly some things they need to recognize when packing. The less they pack, the better off they will be. The reason for this is that there are very strict rules on the size and weight of luggage. If travelers pack too much, they will encounter serious fees once they arrive at the airport. As such, it is important to pack what they need without packing too much. Travelers need to make sure to check on the size restrictions for their luggage before leaving.   In order to pack just what they need and to prepare, they must do a little research first.

• Check the expected weather and predictions for the anticipated time there. Obviously if travelers are going to a warm area, there will most likely be no need to pack a winter coat. • Find out what is already provided at the hotel including hairdryers or irons and save some pounds. • Make a list of the things needed and check it off as they pack it. Do not try to pack the hour before  leaving, do it over a couple of days to ensure they have time to think about what they do and do not need. • Pack in color themes. This will allow travelers to mix and match outfits and carry fewer items, while still having enough.

Packing  Carry-On – A Review From Travel To Go   If vacationers are traveling for an extended period of time and will by traveling with both a carry on as well as checking luggage, they will need to know what to carry with them and what to put in their checked baggage. Below is a list of some of the things that travelers will need to keep with them when traveling.   The Basics • A change of clothing • Any medications required • Basic toiletries • Passport and Visa if traveling abroad • Photocopies of all necessary documents • Reservations and confirmations for accommodations • Some form of money i.e. travelers checks and or credit cards • Their airline tickets and confirmation   Some of this may seem like over preparation, however, if travelers’ checked luggage shows up late or is stolen, they will be glad they have it.   Travel To Go reviews tips to help people travel more efficiently. As their partner in travel and travel planning, Travel To Go hopes travelers can enjoy their vacations more by being a more informed traveler.



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