Jeanette Bunn And Tommy Middaugh Of Travel To Go Review Travel Insurance

Jeanette Bunn and Travel To Go provide vacation services offering the very best in discounted rates. Travel To Go assists people in planning their dream vacations and at amazingly affordable rates.

Travel To Go executives Tommy Middaugh and Jeanette Bunn offer more than just discounted travel services.  Travel To Go and Tommy Middaugh also offer informative articles such as this one to assist travelers in determining whether they need travel insurance or not.  As Travel To Go, providing affordable quality vacations is just a part of the many services Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh provide.

Travelers are about to begin their vacation and are wondering about direct travel insurance.  Direct travel insurance is coverage for when individuals are on vacation, or otherwise traveling away from home.  Prices and types of coverage do vary, and often times it is best for travelers  to contact their home insurance company to see if they offer vacation coverage before seeking out direct travel insurance. 

Travel To Go is pleased to provide the following information to assist with answering commonly asked questions including the type of coverage direct travel insurance includes. 

Purchasing Travel Insurance

The exact type of coverage individuals will need will vary depending on their particular needs and where you plan on traveling.  When purchasing travel insurance one should always be sure to go through the details of their policy, making sure to note any exclusions that may relate to the planned trip.   Travelers should also be sure to do this prior to signing the contract and making their final payment. 

Medical Coverage

The type of medical coverage travelers  will need depends on where they  plan on visiting. The cost of medical care can vary greatly in different countries. Also if a travelers need to be evacuated from another country the costs can be tremendous, and often times outside the financial ability of many people. 

For this reason, medical coverage is probably the most important travel insurance to purchase as the cost will seem like pennies when compared to the fees associated with hospital stays or medical evacuation should either situation arise.  

What to look for with Medical Coverage

When travelers are looking at what options are available with different policies they need to be sure that the coverage includes: hospital stays, emergency (or medical) evacuation, unlimited personal liability, coverage for pre-existing conditions, and coverage for someone to accompany them if traveling alone and requiring medical evacuation. 

Other than medical, what are the types of coverage available with travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers a variety of different situations that could arise during a person’s vacation or business trip.  Below are a few specifics regarding different coverage to assist individuals in finding a plan that is right for them and for their family. 

Cancellations: If for some reason a travelers need to cancel a holiday or business trip they have already booked and paid for due to a serious injury or illness or a sick relative, with this type of coverage individuals are likely to be able to cover any financial losses. 

Delays: Often times flight delays not only impact travel time, but also can adversely affect other flights or reservations.  Travel insurance covering delays will greatly reduce the financial impact and help cover costs associated with delays. 

Luggage: In the unlucky event a person’s luggage is damaged, lost or stolen they will be glad they purchased travel insurance covering baggage.   They need to be sure to check whether they are covered for stolen luggage from a locked car or hotel room, what the limits are for coverage, and if their chosen policy reimburses for lost cash.

Rental Cars/Personal liability: When renting a car the rental car company usually offers coverage but it does not always fully cover personal liability.  This is particularly important in the case of an injury accident.  If individuals have travel insurance, this portion of the policy may either supplement the rental car coverage or could cover those expenses associated with personal liability if someone is injured. This cover will often include the legal expenses for accident as well.

In short, it is important for travelers to consider all the options when it comes to protecting themselves adequately while on vacation.


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