Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh Of Travel To Go Review Big Bend National Park

Travel To Go offers tips on travel and vacation planning. Find new ways to save money on vacations with tips on travel from Travel To Go, vacationer’s partner in travel. Remember, Travel To Go is here to assist with destinations.

Jeanette Bunn and Travel To Go review great vacation destinations, ways to save money on vacation, travel tips and tricks, travel scams to avoid an more.  Travel To Go and Tommy Middaugh are committed to bringing travelers information to assist in planning their vacation this year.  As part of Travel To Go ongoing commitment to the industry, Travel To Go destinations offers all kinds of travel advice.  So without further ado, Travel To Go brings this new review. National Parks are a great way to enjoy a vacation and continuing to plan. While visitors continue to plan, so to do the National Parks in hopes that they will be open in the coming weeks. One park making headlines in the news is Big Bend National Park, located in Texas. Take a closer look at Big Bend National Park, learn the most current news and find out what it has to offer as a top destination for travel from Travel To Go.   National Parks can be some of the most amazing locations for vacation. Visited by millions each year, most vacationers have no problems and leave happy and healthy. Recently, three visitors to Big Bend National Park had an experience they will never forget, proving that it is important that they are careful while traveling in wilderness areas even National Parks.   Last year three vacationers got lost in the park. Thanks to the woman’s call to the border patrol in the area, the people were rescued without being injured. They were however out of food and water when they were finally found. It is events such as this that remind everyone that in National Parks as large as Big Bend, it is important to be prepared for anything. Travel To Go would like to offer some tips on how vacationers can be prepared in case of emergency.   Big Bend National Park is over 800,000 acres of wilderness area including mountains, valleys and deserts, in fact, it is the 15th largest National Park in the US. The following rules and guidelines are provided from the National Park Service and may help travelers survive in case of emergency.

Avoid The Heat – Desert heat is dangerous. It is important to carry plenty of water when hiking or exploring any desert area. In addition, wear long sleeved shirts and pants and wear plenty of sunscreen when exploring this type of region. Make sure to have a map of the area as well and know where sources of fresh water are in case of emergency. Try to avoid hiking during the heat of the day and instead travel during the morning or afternoon when the heat has passed.

In The Backcountry – Make sure to have a compass when traveling and maps of the trails when hiking. Carry a flashlight, mirror and first aid kit in addition to obtaining a backcountry use permit.   Avoid the Wildlife – The desert is filled with animals which will usually leave people alone, but travelers must do your best to leave them alone as well. When hiking, travelers nee to watch their step and avoid creatures that may lash out if disturbed including snakes and scorpions. Larger animals are also found throughout the park, try to make noise while hiking to alert animals.   If travelers are interested in learning more tips on how to travel safely at this or other national parks, be sure to follow all the informative vacation destination reviews presented by Travel To Go. Travel safe and be and informed traveler with Travel To Go as a great travel partner. Vacationers’ safety is in their hands and being informed is the best way to avoid dangerous situations. Traveler should make the most of their vacations by traveling and learning more about travel with Travel To Go tips.


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