Travel To Go Scam Watch & Tommy Middaugh Present Some Recent Travel To Go Reviews

Travel To Go Scam Watch and Tommy Middaugh are pleased to bring you a few of the great Travel To Go Reviews they receive regularly. Since 1990 Travel To Go and Tommy Middaugh have been successfully arranging luxurious vacation resort accommodations for the savvy vacationer worldwide.  In all these years at Travel To Go scams have never been a problem and the Travel To Go Complaints Board has been helpful in resolving any problems clients might face such as travel scams while on their vacation.  So let us now present to you a few recent comments by Travel To Go clients: Dear Travel To Go, the Waterside Resort by Spinnaker in SC was an awesome vacation that you have helped my family to arrange for.I thank you in the name of all. We loved it/as you expected/even more than the promotional Cancun or cruise….

Thanks for your help!!!E.G.

Mr. Nunez,

Since your Vacation Coordinator, Ms. Lynn Sharp, did an excellent job to help us to book our last trip to San Diego, I requested her to have your email address so I can send this letter to express our great appreciation on her great efforts as well as your leadership. As two Lab Leaders, I understand great workers come from great leaders. By saying this, I did not mean to down-grade Lynn’s hard work.

By helping us, Lynn had stayed over-time in order to complete all paper work on time, since our last trip booking was within one week. I am confidence that Lynn’s willingness to do whatever to help customers will have huge impact on your company’s growth. In fact, I have no hesitation to recommend your company to any body simply due to her great professionalism. My wife and I did have a great vacation at San Diego.

In addition, just moment ago, Lynn has helped my daughter to book her trip to Florida. She had spent so much time with great patient to help her finalize her trip. I hate to just simply say “Thank you, Lynn.” so I write this letter to you and to get our honest feedback to you on Lynn’s great efforts and also extend our appreciation to you for your leadership. Please call me if you wish more details on her performance.

Sincerely, He Huang, PhD


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