Travel To Go Scam Watch And Tommy Middaugh Are Pleased To Present Some New Travel To Go Reviews

At Travel To Go complaints are unheard of and Tommy Middaugh is pleased to bring you but a few of the great Travel To Go Reviews they receive daily. Since 1990 Travel To Go and Tommy Middaugh have been successfully arranging luxurious vacation resort accommodations for the savvy vacationer worldwide.  In all these years at Travel To Go scams have never been a problem and the Travel To Go Complaints Board has been helpful in resolving any problems clients might face such as travel scams while on their vacation.  So let us now present to you a few recent comments by Travel To Go clients: First of all TRAVEL TO GO does not need any reviews and you know why? Because it speaks for itself. They are the best because of one thing they have that other travel companies do not have! And that is There Employee’s, they are not just people that work there, they are the company. I have been with them for over ten years, and when I say that these people are the company, that is what I mean. the first time I called them in less than two min. this person had really listen to what kind of package I wanted and before I knew it he was getting a profile of the things that my family and I wanted out of a vacation and not only that! He did it in our price range that did not hurt our budget. It took me and him over an hour to come up with the right deal. Let me tell you something, other travel services would not have taken their time to make it happened for the customer. These people are real and not just workers. Because of them is when I found out that who told you that you had to be rich to vacation like the rich. For the last ten years every time I call it’s like the first time I called, it never changes. The best part also is that they call you when you get there to make sure that everything is just the way they said it would be and that we were happy with it. Steve, Donna Thank you guys and please don’t ever change one thing about your company because your company has the only thing that others don’t, that is that you all have that old time personal approach which is that , YOU PERSONALY STAND BEHIND YOUR WORD. AND YOU ARE A REAL VOICE. Tommy, thank you for being the one to let me know by the first time that I called and you as one of the owners happened to answer the phone and gave my family and me our first real “Rich  style” vacation within our budget. TRAVEL TO GO IS REAL AND IT SPEAKS FOR IT SELF. TRY THEM NEXT TIME YOU WANT A VACTION THE WAY YOU WANT IT AND THEN TELL ME IF THEY ARE NOT THE REVIEW. THEY ARE REAL thanks MY FREINDS from TRAVEL TO GO.

Nellie F.

I have had the pleasure of working with the Travel To Go staff for about two years. I am very impressed at the professionalism of all team members, all the way up to the President! Travel To Go has been incredible at finding affordable and dream vacations for our members, as well as my family. Jeanette Bunn is absolutely wonderful to work with and is so compassionate about this company. Kathy Hirt is someone I often work closely with and is a huge help… I know Kathy can make it happen! Steve Olinger is amazing at finding condos in high demand areas, and is one of the nicest and most helpful agents I have ever worked with. Tommy Middaugh, Donna Hisel, Aramis Cherrington….they are all great! Travel To Go lives up to the expectation of providing 5-star service and I would highly recommend this product!


Betsey has been helping me book my cruise travel arrangements for the past few years and she is always a pleasure to work with.  She always keeps me up to date and always responds quickly to any type of communication.  I usually like to book my own travel but once I started working with Betsey, she made it so simple and easy. …I just now take my business to her!!!

Vanessa J.


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