Tommy Middaugh Of Travel To Go Is Pleased To Bring You Some Travel To Go Reviews From Satisfied Clients

Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go is very pleased to present the latest round of reviews from satisfied customers.  Remember at Travel To Go scams and complaints are never an issue. Travel To Go and Tommy Middaugh are pleased to bring to you these new Travel To Go reviews fresh from the internet.  Remember at Travel To Go scams are never a concern and if you ever have concerns while on vacation about potential travel scams, Travel To Go Complaints Board offers a lot of amazing online resources to assist.  With no further ado, here are the lasted testimonials: My husband & I have been VIP members for 5 years, & this is the first time we are traveling to Aruba in September thanks to a great team at Travel To Go!!!!! Travel specialist Steven E. Coffey. He’s been so understanding about all the questions I had, & so very patient. Thank you Steve sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!! You’re the best.

We will be back to post again when we return from our trip in September.                                                                     Helen z.

We have been TTG members for about a year and a half now and have found every agent to be helpful in helping us accomplish our rather unique travel needs.  We are more into independent travel than we are into cruises or tours.  Bianca, who specializes in helping with international travel, has been SUPER!  She helped us with a trip to Europe last year and this year with a tour to South Africa.  Bianca is very helpful and answers questions and requests in a very timely fashion.

Bob S.

I love travel to go!  I use this method of traveling quite frequently.  The accommodations are great.  The prices Fantastic, especially for those of us who can travel at a moment’s notice. 

I had a timeshare and I could not get into the resort that I owned even with ownership.  With Travel To Go not only was I able to get into my home resort, I got a unit that was better than what I owned.

Since becoming a member of Travel To Go I vacation quite often.  My friends say, “You are going on vacation again”?  Yes I am because Travel To Go makes it possible for me to afford multiple vacations every year!

Thank you Travel to Go!

Tammie B.

Here I was with a little cash to spare and a Granddaughter to reward for graduation! We could go most anywhere within my budget ……. alas not too much time to plan AND she did not have a Passport (: What to do,   in steps Dale Holt and we are off on a cruise to the Bahamas. Thank you Dale, we had a wonderful time which hopefully will become one of those  Memories   we will always remember. Again, thank you Dale for your patience   that Briton and I to have a great time together.

Brenda J.


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