Tommy Middaugh And Travel To Go Support The New Vista Community Through It’s May 2011 Wine Walk For Charity Campaign

Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go recently participated in the New Vista Community Center Wine Walk for Charity on Saturday, May 21, 2011.  Travel To Go Scam Watch was also at this event. 

Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go recently participated in the New Vista Community Center Wine Walk 2011 series.  Tommy Middaugh also works closely with the Travel To Go Scam Watch and Travel To Go Complaints Board teams and they were all excited to support this great program. 

Travel To Go and Tommy Middaugh are pleased to support the New Vista Community in their efforts to remain innovative and to have the ability to constantly update their services to offer clean, safe and user friendly living accommodations to the intellectually challenged population of Clark County, Nevada. 

The generous donation of time and energy by Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go helps support New Vista Community projects such as its Community Outreach Center.  Through his efforts and the support of organizations such as Travel To Go Scam Watch, the New Vista Community Outreach Center will better enable intellectually challenged members of the greater Las Vegas community to embrace new growth opportunities by participating in a diversity of educational and recreational activities.  These thoughtfully planned curricula have been carefully crafted to increase the independent life skills of those who partake.

The efforts of Travel To Go and Tommy Middaugh will also support the following services offered by the New Vista Community Center:

Senior Assisted Living Center New Vista wholeheartedly believes that choices regarding retirement should be available to all people, including those who are intellectually challenged.  Their planned Senior Assisted Living Center will be an innovative yet entirely practical new facility that will support individuals who are both advancing in years and are intellectually challenged.    Group Homes New Vista offers a group home setting at their “Ranch” which is located on a 15-acre donated parcel of land in the northwest area of Las Vegas. Their professional staff is dedicated to improving life skills, maximizing awareness, and reducing the effects of stigma associated with people who are intellectually challenged.

Transitional Supported Living Arrangements (TSLA) TSLA programs target more independent individuals who are able to live on their own, maintain good health and be relatively free of danger.  Placements are made in accordance with client needs, ranging from minimal support to high supervision for up to four individuals in a home of their choice. 

Supportive Living Arrangements (SLA) We offer three levels of support in the Supportive Living Arrangement (SLA) program. Each home in this program is located in different areas throughout the Las Vegas Valley.  The levels of service provided are as follows:

SLA: supports individuals that have mastered several life skills and only need assistance and/or guidance in a few areas.  This program offers the most independence for residents.  Generally, there is a limited staff presence of ten to twenty hours per week, with no overnight supervision.

SLA+: supports individuals who require 24-hour staff assistance including overnight sleep supervision.

ISLA (Intensive SLA): supports individuals with increased behavioral and medical needs that require around-the-clock support.

In-Home is when the individual is still living at home with parents or guardians. This program provides pre-training for individuals to see if they would be capable of leaving home and living in one of the placements mentioned above. Typically the training period does not exceed three (3) months.

Tommy Middaugh and Travel To Go are excited to have had the great opportunity to serve the New Vista program this year and are eager to assist again.  For more info on Travel To Go be sure to check out the great reviews on the Travel To Go Yelp Reviews page. 


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