Tommy Middaugh and Travel To Go Scam Watch Present Some Exciting Reviews From Clients

Travel To Go Scam Watch and Tommy Middaugh are presenting some  new and exciting reviews from clients.  Remember to contact Travel To Go Complaints Board if you have any problems.

Travel To Go and its newly created Travel To Go Scam Watch, a travel scam advisory panel, alongside Travel To Go Complaints Board, for assisting consumers with vacation related issues, and Tommy Middaugh are pleased to present some new testimonials.  Travel To Go Reviews each of them as they come in and then posts them online.

Through our membership my wife, grandson and I stayed at Greenlinks Golf Resort. We had a great time at the resort, our 2BR was well maintained, spacious, well-equipped and certainly more comfortable than a hotel could be.

The office staff was helpful and accommodating – much appreciated because it began to appear we may arrive at the resort after office hours. The pool area was spacious, plenty of lounge chairs, there was a hot tub and three clean gas barbecue grills. We would recommend this resort to anyone.

Thank you Travel to Go, Michael Langlois

Hello Anthony,

We just returned from our trip to Cancun – we had a wonderful time!    Park Royal is a very nice and convenient place to stay.

The food was very good and they had planned activities every day into the evening. For those who like to party there was a van available in the evening to take them to the disco. They even had a wonderful Super Bowl party!

Park Royal gives you a welcome package which includes discounts for discos and eating establishments off the premises and two tickets for the movie house which is just across the street in the beautiful open air mall.

The bus stop is just a block away and we were able to take the bus downtown, to the huge market where they sell their wares and to the bus terminal where we purchased tickets to Playa del Carmen.

Cancun is a very warm and friendly place to visit.   Not once did I ever feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way.

Thank you for your service Travel to Go and Anthony in particular- you’ll be hearing from us again.

Hugs, Cleda Thompson



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