Tommy Middaugh and Travel To Go Scam Watch Are Pleased To Present Travel To Go Reviews

Travel To Go Scam Watch and Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go are very pleased to present the latest round of reviews from satisfied customers.  Remember at Travel To Go scams and complaints are never an issue.

Travel To Go Scam Watch and Tommy Middaugh are pleased to bring to you these new Travel To Go reviews fresh from just a few of our many satisfied members.  Remember at Travel To Go scams are never a concern and if you ever have any problems with potential travel scams while on vacation about, Travel To Go Complaints Board offers a lot of amazing online resources to assist.  So here are the lasted testimonials: Dear Travel to Go,

I would like to tell you what a pleaser it was to work with Mark Steel. He was excellent at finding us the accommodations we needed. He never said we can’t do that; he just kept looking until he found what we need. You should feel very happy to have employee this helpful.

Thank you Toni Franchina

Hi Travel to Go,

Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Tidewater Golf & Plantation unit we stayed at in July in North Myrtle Beach, SC.  The room was nice and clean. It is actually a 3 bedroom unit plus a sofa bed which would sleep at least 8 people. North Myrtle Beach is very nice. The beach is beautiful, clean sand, warm waters. Plenty of miniature golf courses to try. Shopping was very convenient on Route 17. We went to Barefoot Landing (shopping and food). We took in two shows, one at the Alabama Theatre which was great and a dinner and show at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. The kids really enjoyed it. We went to Ripley’s Aquarium also and much more.

Thanks for helping us set this vacation up and many thanks to Travel To Go. If you have any other great deals,  call me.

Sincerely, Francesca Savoca

On August 2, 2008, my husband and I were to leave for a 2 week vacation in Europe. When I was packing and getting documents ready, I looked for our plane tickets and could not find them.  I looked everywhere.  We purchased the tickets through Travel to Go.  I called the emergency number and Ms. Franklin was on duty that day.  She advised me to call the Airline Company which I did, but they said since they had our reservation but no record of payment we wouldn’t be able to fly unless we paid for the fare again.

I called back Ms. Franklin, and after her talking with the airline, it seems a copy of the sale needed to be faxed to them.  Apparently the copy couldn’t be found on the computer, so Ms. Franklin began the process of trying to get a copy to the airline.

Ms. Franklin was very courteous and tried to be very helpful.  She was accommodating, more than I can say for the airline.  She certainly “went through her paces” that afternoon, and I appreciate all she tried to do.  I in turn prayed for the airline tickets to appear from somewhere, and they did, they had fallen off my desk, (which is in a comer) and I found them on the floor between the wall and the desk.

Thanks to Ms. Franklin for providing the service that Travel to Go promised to provide.

Kathleen Callahan Hebron, CT



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