Jeanette Bunn And Travel To Go Scam Watch Share Some New Travel To Go Reviews

Travel To Go Complaints Board and Travel To Go Scam Watch and Jeanette Bunn are pleased to bring you this latest round of reviews from clients.  Jeanette Bunn and Travel To Go Scam Watch are very pleased to bring you our latest round of Travel To Go reviews and testimonials.  Travel To Go services a loyal customer base of nearly 50,000 members. This is a particularly impressive achievement considering that it is a family owned and operated business For those of you with any questions regarding potential travel scams, Travel to Go Complaints Board offers a lot of interesting news and information. So without any further ado, let us present to you the latest reviews:

My wife and I had a great time in Las Vegas and the rooms at the Polo Towers were magnificent. We had guests that stayed with us and they enjoyed the stay as much as we did…….

Thank you Travel To Go, Carl and Sue Ramage

Dear Travel To Go,

Undoubtedly you have become aware of the fact that you made a wise choice when you hired Glady Corkill. As a business owner and a very, very satisfied customer, allow me to say that after her help this evening I felt compelled to write you this letter promptly.

Naturally your company intends to give the highest quality of service. Isn’t that true?  And you want to know that you are accomplishing that top level. Right? Definitely by having someone such as Glady Corkill you should feel good  about the impression your company  is making on clients such as my wife and I.

When my wife’s grandmother passed away this afternoon we came home and started making calls for arrangements to get everyone together and then on to Florida the day after tomorrow. Well of course we called to see about the last minute airfare and didn’t realize until we got all the arrangements made that Gladys had taken our call during her last couple minutes of work on a Friday. You can be sure that the overtime to your business was worth more backend residual in customer value to you. After she completed the arrangements we asked Gladys if we were confirmed or could we check back later this evening after we called the other family members back and let them know what the arrangements were that she made for them.

This is when we found out we had already kept Gladys over past her shift on Friday evening and that the office would be closed on the weekend. Since the flights were going out before she was going to be in the office on Monday it would be a slight challenge if we needed to change something. Happily she let us know that she still had about a half an hour of work to get finished before she could go home and gave us her direct line extension.

Luckily all our call backs to family happened swiftly. You of course know that Gladys answered our call back and finished setting things up for us and of course worked with us to make a few changes we asked for.  Again staying with us to get the job done and assuring us she was alright when we apologized for keeping her later. In doing so she also went out of her way once again to find an even better rate on the flights. Obviously Gladys is looking out for your clients best choices.  And she simply made those available to us.

If Gladys ever needs a referral and I mean one without all the political correctness  that our HR laws limits us too, have them call me. I’ll gladly share the experience we received. She is your biggest asset. Remember that, will you?

Live Life to the Fullest, David Cathers



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