Jeanette Bunn And Travel To Go Review Some Great New Testimonials

Jeanette Bunn, president of Travel To Go likes to periodically review incoming testimonials from clients and associates.  At Travel To Go scams and complaints are never a concern! Jeanette Bunn of Travel To Go is very pleased to bring you these recent reviews from a few of their members.  Since 1990 Travel To Go has been successfully arranging luxurious vacation resort accommodations for the savvy vacationer worldwide. At Travel To Go Scams are never a concern and if you ever think you are a victim of a travel scam of any sort, Travel To Go Complaints Board offers a place for you to get assistance through excellent resources and articles.  Without any further ado, Travel To Go presents to you the reviews: I was able to book a hot week and get a great deal with very little effort on my part…. which is just how I like it. Good job guys.

Randy M.

We joined Travel To Go in March 2010.  Since then we have utilized Travel To Go twice to save $1000, once for airline tickets to Athens, Greece and a second time for a family vacation at an excellent resort in Branson, MO area.  Mike Foxall was our travel consultant and he helped find a variety of vacation venues all at prices tremendously lower than if I had used AAA, Expedia, Orbitz and other sites.  I use to spend hours searching for low prices and now I only spend minutes thanks to Travel To Go and a quick call to Mike.  My wife and I are very happy to know that we have Travel To Go for life and look forward to taking cruises and more trips before and after retirement.

Johnny S.

We have been gold globe members for 8 years and Steve helped us book our latest trip to Maui next year.  He kept searching for the right condo for us and we eventually found one that should be a perfect fit.  Thanks again.

Janelle A.

I have been a VIP member for the past 8 years.  I have booked condos, a cruise, and flights through Travel To Go and I have never had one issue to complain about.  All the staff is very helpful and courteous, however, there is one agent that has become my fave, Betsy Whitman.  All I have to do is ask and she is right there ready to help with anything.  Shout out to BETSY.  Thank you.

Margaret C.

Donna Hisel at Travel To Go rocks!  She got us a condo at Lake Tahoe for $199 and it was a 2 bedroom!  We expected it to be a dump however it was nice, spacious and decorated beautifully.  We will definitely be booking with Donna again  🙂

Andrea S.

In my dealings with Travel To Go we had no idea what excellent service we would be getting. In my dealings with my 100 plus agents I know how important service is. Donna Hisel not only met my expectations, but far surpassed these expectations. She was also instrumental in securing an upgrade for us at the Grand Tortuga Club for November. I cannot express my appreciation for all she had done.

Needless to say Travel To Go would certainly be my future selection all because of Donna Hisel.

I compliment you on having such a wonderful employee in your organization.

Bea Sykes V. P. Marketing Virginia



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