Tommy Middaugh Heads Up The Travel To Go Philanthropy New Vista Community Charity Program

Tommy Middaugh along with Travel To Go Philanthropy are active in the San Diego community and beyond offer charity work, services, time and energy. Tommy Middaugh and Travel To Go San Diego understand the power of the gift of giving.
Travel To Go Philanthropy and Tommy Middaugh Charities are pleased to support the New Vista Community in their efforts to remain innovative and to have the ability to constantly update their services to offer clean, safe and user friendly living accommodations to the intellectually challenged population of Clark County, Nevada.
The generous donation of time and energy by Tommy Middaugh of Travel To Go San Diego helps support New Vista Community projects such as its Community Outreach Center. Through his efforts and the support of organizations such as Travel To Go Scam Watch, the New Vista Community Outreach Center will better enable intellectually challenged members of the greater Las Vegas community to embrace new growth opportunities by participating in a diversity of educational and recreational activities. These thoughtfully planned curricula have been carefully crafted to increase the independent life skills of those who partake.
New Vista was founded in 1984 by parents of disabled individuals who were concerned what would happen to their loved one when they were gone or could not care for them. Out of this need the first program “New Vista Ranch” was created. In the late 80’s the charity was donated 15 acres of land by the Gilcrease Brothers and this gave New Vista the platform to build the first 4 homes. Today New Vista has 16 homes in the Las Vegas area. New Vista, with the assistance of generous donors such as Tommy Middaugh, also support individuals with intellectual challenges and their families that still live at home by providing in- home skilled staff that assist with their loved ones needs. What started as a program to provide a home has become a mission to give the gift of living life through an array of programs that target teaching independence.
New Vista along with Tommy Middaugh Charities operates eight programs currently with plans to expand its services into senior assisted living and a medical clinic for intellectually challenged individuals in the future. These programs are listed below. New Vista has a strong core leadership team that is composed of professionals that have a combined experience of over 39 years. The CEO, Kelly DeGuzman has lead in both the private and non-profit sector, with experience ranging from mental health, child development, and intellectual disabilities.
New Vista’s board believes that the participation of families that have been affected is very important to the board’s success and thus actively searches for board members that have children or siblings with an intellectual challenge. Currently the board has four board members that have a family member that is intellectually challenged. New Vista makes sound, strategic growth moves to better secure their future and the continuation of its services. New Vista provides these support services to intellectually challenged adults and children. Of these individuals 100% are considered low- income. The average monthly social security income of individuals 18 and older is $674.00 per month or $8,088 annually.


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