Travel To Go Scam Watch Reviews Mexican Vacation Destinations

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Mexico is a major tourist attraction for many people who live in US, Canada, Europe and Asia. Located between Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, this is one place where you can do a lot of sight seeing, lazing around and indulge in ocean sports. Mexico can be divided into several parts on the basis of its natural beauty viz; Northern Mexico is known for its extreme climate, nature reserves, deserts and rough mountain ranges, while Southern Mexico is famous for its beaches, mangroves, marshes, swamps and forests making you indulge in many ocean sports and other outdoor activities. The Central part of Mexico is known for its natural surroundings, breathtakingly beautiful colonial cities and towns, it also has many World Heritage Buildings located there.

Mayan Riviera, Mexico

The Mayan Riviera in Mexico is another popular winter destination for those wanting to avoid the snow and cold temperatures. The temperature in this area averages 78 degrees year round, with a fluctuation of five to seven degrees. The area of Mexico referred to as the Mayan Riviera is one that stretches from Punta Brava, which is just south of the Cancun International Airport, south to Punta Allen, which is just south of the city of Tulum. With its tropical beaches, abundant marine life, and the Mayan Ruins it holds something for just about everyone. The Great Mayan Reef, which is the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere lies within the Mayan Riviera.

Puerto Vallarta

This Mexican paradise has enviable room rates considering it’s the area’s peak season. Save even further by booking a room in the El Centro neighborhood or the Zona Romantica. You’ll be rewarded with proximity to PV’s famous Malecón boardwalk and its distinctive statues and sand sculptures.



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