Travel To Go Scam Watch And Tommy Middaugh Review Winter Vacation Destinations

Travel To Go scam watch offers you tips on travel and vacation planning. Find new ways to save money on your next vacation with tips and Travel To Go travel reviews from Travel To Go Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, your partners in travel.

Travel To Go reviews great vacation destinations, ways to save money on vacation, travel tips and tricks, travel scams to avoid and more. Travel To Go and Jeanette Bunn are committed to bringing you information to assist in planning your vacation this year. As part of Tommy Middaugh and Travel To Go’s ongoing commitment to the industry, Travel To Go destinations offers all kinds of travel advice. So without further ado, Travel To Go, brings you this new article.
Dahlonega, Georgia

The southeast gateway to the Appalachian Mountains, Dahlonega is only about an hour’s drive north of Atlanta. It’s an easy-to-moderate walk to see cascading water in Amicola Falls State Park or Anna Ruby Falls in the Chattahoochee National Forest. Dahlonega pays homage to its heritage as the site of America’s First Gold Rush in 1828 with an interesting Gold Museum and really cool underground mine tours.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

This small town is full of historical buildings, museums, trails, enactments, and old homes. “No” spot in the United States experienced more of the horrors of war than Harpers Ferry. This small country town sits right in the valley but with a hilly terrain. It’s a great historical town just to drive through and to look at. Most of the old homes set on hilly ground and when you are driving in your car it makes you wonder how the houses have stayed intact sitting on the hilly terrain. A person would think that after so many years the earth would give way after so many heavy rains. There are very few new homes, its mostly homes that have been there for years and years. It’s like you step back in time. If you decide to go visit Harper’s Ferry, you will not regret it because there’s one big education to learn throughout the park and the town.

Heritage Village, Florida

Take a trip into the past when times were simpler. Walk along the brick paths, stopping along the way to visit history such as the House Of Seven Gables, a stunning example of American Victorian architecture in Pinellas County. Take a seat on the caboose at the railroad depot, Visit the Safety Harbor First Methodist Church that was built in 1905 by the congretgation. A church that is still used today as a popular location for weddings. Visit a 1912 school that was used until 1923. Have you ever wanted to see a log house up close, well now you can. The McMullen-Coachman Log House is the oldest surviving structure in Pinellas County. It was completed in 1852 by Capt. James P. McMullen. He and his wife Elizabeth raised 11 children in this log house. As you walk along the brick path you notice a wonderful aroma in the air which is coming from the Sugar Cane Mill And Boiling Shed, where cane syrup is made during the winter months. Linger a while a see how cane syrup is made.


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