Travel To Go Scam Watch And Jeanette Bunn Review Puerto Rico Vacations

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico’s warm weather and beautiful scenery make it hard to stay indoors. Attractions range from the adventurous (like spelunking through the underground caves of Rio Camuy Cave Park) to the historic (like exploring the 500-year-old walls of El Morro) to the luxurious (like relaxing on a Vieques beach). Book now to enjoy all the perks of the Caribbean without ever leaving the country.

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The oldest city in Puerto Rico is its most popular tourist destination for a reason! Explore Old San Juan’s historic streets, plazas, and forts, browse the artisan displays and enjoy shaved ice topped with tropical fruit syrup. Don’t miss the statue of Ponce de Leon in the center of the Plaza de San Jose, and stop in at the Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña or the San Juan Museum of Art and History for some culture. Family-friendly hotels include the Sheraton Old San Juan and Casino near the Condado Beaches, which offers a babysitting service; the El San Juan, which offers an expansive pool complex and access to Isla Verde Beach; Hotel El Convento, located in the heart of the city; and the Ritz-Carlton San Juan Spa and Casino, which offers a host of activities for kids, a kid’s meal plan, beach access, a pool, spa and tennis courts. Or, visit to live like a local and book your very own apartment in the heart of the city!

El Yunque, Puerto Rico

El Yunque is a subtropical rainforest in northeastern Puerto Rico. The only tropical rainforest under the U.S. flag, El Yunque is a mere 28,000 acres (small by national forest standards), but it is steeped in island lore, natural diversity, and tropical splendor. El Yunque means “The Anvil,” and it is so called for its distinctive flat peak. The forest is part of Puerto Rican mythology: The Taíno Indians believed the rainforest was home to a benevolent god named Yuquiyu. Besides being unique to the U.S. Forest Service, El Yunque boasts an amazing diversity of flora, including 150 native fern species and 240 tree species (23 of which are found only in the forest) thrive in El Yunque, thanks to its perfect climate and consistent rainfall. In addition, the forest is home to many small animals that are found nowhere else on Earth. The coquí tree frog, Puerto Rican Parrot, and pygmy anole are among its rare and reclusive residents.


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