People Have A Lot To Say About Travel To Go San Diego

Travel To Go scam watch offers travel and vacation planning tips. Find new ways to save money on your next vacation with tips & Travel To Go travel reviews from Travel To Go Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, your partners in Travel To Go Membership.

At Travel To Go complaints are unheard of and at Travel To Go scams are never a concern! Why? Because as part of the Travel To Go commitment to excellence, customer service is always dealt with in a proactive manner. This not only means providing the highest level of excellence in the industry, but it also means Travel To Go reviews tips and tricks to assist in making your vacation run smooth; and along with Travel To Go Membership benefits their destinations are carefully researched to insure they offer optimal entertainment, adventure and excellent service all at affordable and competitive rates.

Travel to go would like to take this opportunity to relate to you what others are saying about us.

Last night my wife and I attended a presentation by Travel To Go. We initially were convinced we would not buy anything because most of the time these presentations are a scam of sorts. We were pleasantly surprised by the warm non-confrontational presentation and after the presentation they offered us computer access to research travel opportunities and even provided me with a comparison quote for a trip we took last month. After all was said and done they offered to give us a $1,000 in lieu of the free trip offered to be deducted from a membership. We took them up on their offer. I have done some additional research this morning and find them to be a very reputable company as presented and I am sure we will make great use of their services.

Ric R.
Ventura, CA

My wife and I like the other people here attended a presentation to here about a travel company called Travel To Go. Of course the free trip was what got us to attend. After listening to the presentation they gave us a few minutes by ourselves to discuss it in private, we felt no pressure what so ever. As we travel every year anyway and do spend a few thousand per year on travel… we decided to purchase their travel plan.

In the last 2 years we have booked 2 cruises, 3 condos weeks, 2 in Hawaii and 1 in Colorado for a ski trip. I have booked many hotel rooms through them for my business and have an all-inclusive in Cancun booked for Jan 2010. We are very happy with the service and savings that Travel To Go has provided us and have pretty much saved what we bought our membership for.

I think the others that have expressed thier opinions here, do not have a valid complaint as they, as I ,only attended the presentation for the free trip. The difference is we purchased the program and have used it many times now, and are very happy with our deicission.
It sounds like the above just went for a freebee, did’nt purchase, have no experience with the company’s services, but have an opinion without any experience or information. You have to expect some restrictions and conditions on a complimentary trip people!!! Nothing Free!!!!!

If you are looking at this company to become a member, all I can tell you is we love it and it works very well for us.

Steve W.
Orlando, FL


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