How Travel To Go San Diego Is showing the “Love” for Breast Cancer Survivors

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Travel to Go, was the February sponsor of Send Me on Vacation. Located in San Diego, Ca Travel to Go is a family owned business run by Jeanette Bunn, President. Travel to Go offers travel benefits and services to a loyal customer base of 50k members and is currently celebrating 22 years in the vacation and travel business.
Send Me on Vacation Mission
The “Send Me on Vacations Mission” is to provide a much needed vacation to women with breast cancer who have undergone treatment and need a place to rejuvenate and heal their body, mind and spirit.
Send Me on Vacation Cause
Many women who have experienced treatment for cancer will tell you that when the physical aspects of the battle end, the emotional struggles begin. The adverse effects of the treatment can leave women, their families and friends in shambles. We believe that an essential step in surviving this experience is to provide survivors with a well deserved vacation to celebrate life!

Bette’s Story
Just before Memorial Day, 2010 while showering I found a large lump in my right breast. I immediately went for a mammogram. The tests showed 3 large growths. At that very moment the aliens took over my life, my bank account, my emotions, my time, and my body but left my heart and soul, although bruised but still intact. After further testing positive for the Braca gene, it was strongly suggested that I have a double mastectomy and reconstruction, I did. In the past 20 months I have had 6 surgeries, chemotherapy, lymphodemia, hair loss, weight gain and pain. The end result is that I have recently emerged, Cancer Free!
Throughout my journey I have met some remarkable soldiers who work in the health care industry and extraordinary strangers offering kindness and prayers. I now have made many new friends from my breast cancer support groups and I continue to always support others who have been affected by this disease. My compassion has grown, and I have written a list of helpful hints that my doctor uses for his patients and support groups. I am constantly trying to give back to others.
YES, breast cancer can be curable BUT always leaves us changed! A vacation was much needed, but out of reach, so I felt very honored to be chosen for such a splendid gift!

Thank you Travel To Go.


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