Travel To Go Presents European Vacation Destinations

Tommy Middaugh & Travel To Go along with Jeanette Bunn reviews a variety of wonderful vacation destinations. Travel To Go destinations include fantastic family vacations, romantic getaways.
Travel To Go San Diego, along with Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh, reviews travel related topics. In their Travel To Go Reviews program they review vacation destinations, offer tips and tricks for travel. Travel To Go membership benefits also offers a series of articles on avoiding travel scams and Travel To Go is always interested in assisting if you have any complaints about past vacations.
Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh are committed to providing the very best in vacation packages including the amazing Hot Weeks, Special Weeks, discounted cruises, packages including multiple locations and much more.

• British Isles
England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland

• Western Mediterranean
Canary Islands, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal & Spain

• Eastern Mediterranean
Greece, Cyprus & Turkey

• Central Europe
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany & Switzerland

• Scandinavia
Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark & the Netherlands

A World of options Europe is alive with a wealth of culture, music, foods, festivals, sights, sounds and sensations to savor. The toughest thing about a European vacation is deciding where to begin.

Travelers can glide through the canals of Venice, explore ancient Athens, shout Ole! at a bullfight in Madrid, or cross a Fjord in Viking vicinity. Europe offers the American traveler both the quaint and quintessential, and the worldly and wondrous. With so many cultures and changing scenery located in such proximity, travelers will be tempted to cover it all in one whirling attempt to see it all.



Travel To Go Presents Caribbean Vacation Destinations

Travel To Go San Diego offers travel and vacation planning tips and assists with new ways to save money on vacations. Travel To Go travel reviews destinations with help from Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh.
Tommy Middaugh & Travel To Go reviews a variety of wonderful vacation destinations. Travel To Go destinations include fantastic family vacations, romantic getaways. Travel To Go reviews winter destinations spring vacation destinations summer and autumn travel locations and holiday resorts. Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh are committed to providing the very best in vacation packages including the amazing Travel To Go Hot Weeks, Travel To Go Special Weeks, discounted cruises, packages including multiple locations and much more. At Travel To Go scams are of great concern and they also review and present informative articles on common vacation scams, travel scams and the like.

• Bahamas
• Caribbean

Sparkling Jewels

Like a scattering of precious gemstones, the islands of the Caribbean sparkle in the sun invoking the need to see it all just a little bit closer. Each destination – exotic and exciting – is just as unique and colorful as the last. From the Bahamas to Aruba, travelers will discover distinct cultural flavors ranging from Spanish, French, Dutch and British. Dreams of a lifetime await travelers here in the Caribbean.

Vacationers can spend their days in or on the radiant waters hypnotized by the ever shifting spectrum of teal, turquoise, cobalt, indigo and sapphire. They can swim amongst a rainbow of sea life, coral and kelp. They can listen to the soothing sound of gently rolling waves.

There is something for everyone in these jeweled islands and a view that will stay in their heart and soul forever, begging the question, “Can it get any prettier than this?”

For Caribbean dreams of a lifetime, travelers can always depend on Travel To Go. Jeanette Bunn and Tommy Middaugh have over half a century of combined experience making travelers vacation dreams come true.

Travel Club Expert Tommy Middaugh To Share Insights At GNEX 2013

The Executive Vice President of leading travel services company Travel To Go will participate during Perspective Magazine’s timeshare and fractional industry conference.
Perspective Magazine announces that Tommy Middaugh, Executive Vice President, Travel To Go will discuss the key issues affecting the travel club industry during the Third Annual Global Networking Expo, GNEX 2013 – The Global Meeting of Minds.
“I’m honored to have been selected to represent the travel club industry at GNEX 2013. This segment has seen explosive growth in recent years as travelers have taken notice of the tremendous value in the product. At Travel To Go our relentless pursuit of providing 5-Star Service to our members and independent distributors has provided us with great insight of this industry and how to position the travel club product. This opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with fellow distinguished panel members will propel all of us forward towards continual growth,” said Mr. Middaugh.
Travel To Go is a travel club membership and vacation services company offering membership packages to meet any budget along with enhancement and exit programs. Fully customizable kits, posters, websites, eMail and Social Media are offered as White Label products allowing distributors greater flexibility in designing a value proposition and brand identity. Travel To Go’s merchant accounts, escrow services, financing offer customers more payment options, driving closing rates even higher. Web based business intelligence tools to track tours, closing percentages and commissions provide ROI analysis to take sales to the next level.
An outstanding schedule of speakers is taking shape for GNEX 2013, to be held in conjunction with the Perspective Magazine Awards at the world famous Beverly Wilshire – a Four Seasons Hotel over February 3-6, 2013 in luxurious Beverly Hills, California.
Known as “The Global Meeting of Minds” for its gathering of the leading vacation ownership executives from around the world, GNEX 2013 will once again raise the bar for industry conferences. Experts from six continents will convene for important networking opportunities and innovative panel discussions that will engage the entire audience to create new solutions for the issues affecting the industry.
Business development possibilities will be abundant as extended breaks in the program will allow for conversation in the specially designed networking lounge and the ability to build the type of strategic relationships that lead to business deals.
Nightly social events will take place as only Hollywood can provide, culminating with a Black-tie Gala dinner for the presentation of the Perspective Magazine Awards, sponsored by Holiday Systems International, where industry nominees will vie for global recognition of excellence across more than 30 categories.
Sponsors and supporters of GNEX 2013 to date include:
Dial an Exchange, Holiday Systems International, Interval International, RCI, Travel To Go, Blue Strawberry Resorts, Resort Television, Leisure Logistics, Lloydshare Limited, CustomerCount, Emirates Vacation Club, Stewart Vacation Ownership, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, Alliances That Work, Dream Vacation Network, Merlin Software, SFX Preferred Resorts, TrackResults Software, Timeshare Training Today and Christel House International as Charity of Choice.
About Tommy Middaugh
Tommy Middaugh has served as Executive Vice President of Travel To Go since 2009. Mr. Middaugh brings over 30 years of Sales and Management experience in the Vacation Ownership Industry. Prior to joining Travel To Go, Tommy Middaugh served as President of Lakeside Resorts, a private campground affiliated with the Coast to Coast exchange system, and National Contract Systems, a collection mediation service. Tommy’s vast relationships throughout the travel club industry offer an extensive knowledge base and insights related to sales, management, marketing, and retention verticals.
Mr. Middaugh spearheads Travel To Go’s continuous goal to seamlessly deliver 5-Star Service to each and every member, independent distributor, and business partner. He has established successful product training programs for distributors and customer service agents in an ongoing effort to best serve the 50,000+ members of Travel To Go. His platforms have proven so effective that other companies in the industry have adopted them, setting higher standards of performance. Mr. Middaugh’s goal for Travel To Go and for the industry is to raise these standards and advance fair practices for consumers while increasing sales and retention.
Recently, Tommy has combined his love for motorcycles and affinity for charities supporting Veterans through the “Bare Bones Veteran Run” benefiting The Wounded Warrior Project. His philanthropic efforts also include sponsoring events supporting The Bakersfield National Cemetery along with holiday toy drives for families in need.
About Perspective Group
The Perspective Group provides the vacation ownership industry’s most comprehensive independent multi-media marketing and publishing services globally. The Group includes five regional trade magazines under the Perspective Magazine brand, consumer publication Owners Perspective Magazine, plus member magazines and customized magazines specifically created for clients. A full suite of the latest online and interactive marketing services, including advanced tracking and analytics, are offered through Perspective Interactive, and the Global Networking Expo – GNEX 2013: The Global Meeting of Minds – will bring together industry leaders from six continents. Also coming under the Perspective Group are PerspectivePR public relations services and recruitment advertising service
Much more than a magazine publisher and media sponsor of over 30 industry events, the rapidly growing Perspective Group offers a strategic range of sales and marketing products and services to assist developers and marketers with sales, lead generation, recruitment, customer retention, upgrades, referrals and much more.

How to find great skiing vacation deals!

Skiing is one of the world’s most popular winter sports and vacation travel options abound. As anyone knows why has been on a ski vacation, they can be some of the most expensive vacations around.

However, with a little planning a ski vacation does not have to break your bank account. There is actually an abundance of affordable ski vacation deals available if you take the time to look and to follow a few simple strategies.
Plan Ahead
Getting a jump on the season and booking your ski vacation early is one of the best ways to save money. As we have all probably experienced at one time or another, last minute bookings make it incredibly hard to find the most desirable and affordable destinations and accommodations. Instead of waiting until the last minute, once the snow is already falling and the slopes are already getting crowded, start seeking out your ski vacation in the summer time. Also during the summer months many resorts are anxious for income and offer the best promotions and least expensive deals in hopes of attracting customers for the upcoming season.
Plan your Ski Vacation Early or Late in the Season
Planning your ski vacation early or late in the season is another great way to get the very best prices. Late fall and early spring are typically warmer times of the year with less snow and smaller crowds at ski resorts. The resorts themselves as well as travel agencies are most likely to offer the very best prices and packaged deals during that time of the year.
Avoid the “Big Name” Resorts
Unfortunately, “Big Names” often mean even bigger prices. While the biggest and most popular ski resorts offer their share of the fun, many smaller and less known ski resorts offer all the thrills you need at greatly reduced prices. Often times those smaller ski resorts offer more intimacy for romantic trips and less chaos for those traveling with children.
Use the Internet
The internet is a great place to book any vacation. There has been a continuing trend for years now to offer “internet only” specials as the internet offers automated systems, thereby saving travel companies enormous costs associated with traditional bookings through travel agencies or by having to take phone calls.

At Travel To Go, we hope you have had — or will have — a great vacation this year! For more information feel free to visit our website by clicking here or go to

Some Advantages of Hot Weeks

Travel To Go is excited to bring you this article about the benefits of Hot Weeks. As always, please be careful when making vacation plans as there are many scams around.

Hot weeks offer vacationers many advantages over booking directly resorts and hotels. Many of those benefits go beyond simply saving money.

For one thing, hot weeks typically offer a greater price and better amenities than booking directly with a resort of hotel. This is great as it affords great prices for family retreats and vacations.

Also, most hot weeks offer full kitchens so you can still enjoy the affordability of cooking food at home as always, thus giving you extra cash to spend on tours and evenings out!

Luxury hotels and resorts can be quite expensive, particularly in exotic vacation destinations and hot weeks offer an affordable way to visit every year.

Hot weeks are definitely a worth exploring as vacation costs do not have to be out of reach. Hot weeks offer many advantages over traditional hotel and resort bookings besides the enormous cost savings to include various sleeping accommodations and they are a great way to take your family on an affordable vacation wherever you may choose to go.

To learn the money savings tips of hot weeks visit us today at .

Some Advantages of Hot Weeks

Travel To Go is excited to bring you this article about the benefits of Hot Weeks. As always, please be careful when making vacation plans as there are many scams around.

A hot week is a kind of vacation that offers the use of a property at various times throughout the year. Often times they are in luxury hotels or condominiums in resort locations and other desired vacation areas. There are a variety of advantages to using this system for vacations.

For instance, a great benefit is the options and amenities available with Hot Weeks over that of hotels. When purchasing a Hot Weeks you can pick the exact amount of space you require for your particular wants and needs be it a hotel or a spacious multi-bedroom property. Also, unlike many vacations, many Hot Weeks offer full kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, laundry rooms, private hot tubs and Jacuzzis, fireplaces, a washer and dryer and much more.

Hot Weeks typically offer or are located next to swimming pools, tennis courts, gyms and the like. Many of them have nearby health spas and fitness centers for those wanting to pamper their bodies while on vacation. Typically other local amenities can include boating and other water sports, golfing, trekking, hiking and more.

Many persons have found that hot weeks are much more affordable than booking directly in resorts and hotels.

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